Swedish American Museum

Swedesburg, IA

Visit the Swedish American Museum in Swedesburg and immerse your groups in 19th century Swedish heritage. Housed in the former Farmers Union Exchange building, you’ll be able to view authentic items from Swedish immigrants, such as farming implements, homemaking necessities, school materials, and other 19th century artifacts. Find out what sort of food these immigrants brought with them for their long journey to the United States, such as bread, grain, butter, cheese, and potatoes. Visitors will learn about the Swedish settlement in the area and about early farming practices. Don’t forget about Ole, a 14-foot-tall reddish-orange fiberglass Dala horse. These colorful horses originated in the Dalarna Province in Sweden, and have become the symbol of the entire country. If anyone in your group is interested in tracing their roots, library volunteers can assist in searching through genealogical records from the area.

If you visit during June or December, take part in Swedesburg’s Midsummer Fest and St. Lucy’s Day celebrations.

For more information or to customize an experience for your group, contact the Swedish American Museum at 319-254-2317 or find them on Facebook.

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