Rapid City The Center of Your Perfect Tour

Centrally located to the wonders of the Black Hills, including Mount Rushmore National Memorial and Crazy Horse Memorial, Rapid City provides unique historic attractions and one-of-a-kind views, all for a low cost. With an abundance of accommodations, restaurants, activities, shopping and a great central location, Rapid City is the perfect hub for time spent touring the marvels of the Black Hills.

Morning: Mount Rushmore National Memorial

The first stop of the day is Mount Rushmore National Memorial. Spend time in the Lincoln Borglum Museum at the Memorial to learn more about this amazing sculpture.

Mid-Morning/Afternoon: Crazy Horse Memorial

Enjoy the scenic drive to Crazy Horse Memorial. This ongoing mountain carving is the world’s largest and a majestic tribute to all Native American tribes across the country.

Afternoon/Evening: Custer State Park

This 71,000-acre vacation paradise is home to abundant wildlife, including one of the nation’s largest free roaming buffalo herds, making it common to encounter a “Buffalo Jam” while driving in the park.

Night: Mount Rushmore National Memorial or Crazy Horse Memorial

Be sure to head back to either Mount Rushmore or Crazy Horse for their evening shows.  During the summer season, Mount Rushmore holds a nightly patriotic lighting ceremony, while at Crazy Horse you can experience the laser light show, Legends in Light.

DAY 2: National Park and Monuments

Morning: Badlands National Park

This 224,000 acre park is full of jagged spires, eroded buttes and prehistoric fossils.  The moon-like surfaces of the Badlands create a hiking challenge with breath-taking scenery. Drive the loop or get out of the car and enjoy a picnic at one of the scenic overlooks.

Afternoon: Wall/ Wall Drug Store

After touring the Badlands, a popular stop is a world-famous drug store in Wall, (Wall Drug). This tiny store, built in 1931, has boomed to become block-sized and internationally known.

Evening: Downtown Rapid City/ City of Presidents

It may not be a national park or monument, but the City of Presidents in downtown Rapid City is a great way to end your Parks and Monument tour. These life-sized bronze statues will take you on a journey through American Presidential history.

For more information or to customize this sample itinerary for your group please contact your tour operator or Rapid City CVB, 800-487-3223 or www.visitrapidcity.com.

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