Manning Heritage Park Tours Itinerary

Boasting tourists from all over the nation, and even some from beyond our country’s borders, the Manning Heritage Park has built a reputation of providing guests with an enjoyable experience that has been described time and time again as “just like a mini-tour of Germany.”

10:00 am

Welcome coffee in dining hall with a restroom break.

10:15 – 12:00 pm

Meet your tour guide and begin the tour of Heritage Park, a location packed with attractions that will take visitors back in time and give them a glimpse of not only what frontier life was like in a fledgling new community in Iowa, but perhaps even a hint of what “would have been” had their ancestors not made the courageous voyage from Germany across  the Atlantic. Your eyes can’t miss the historical church with the towering white steeple that was moved from its home on theIowaprairie to the Heritage Park in 2006. The church sits in good company with a German Hausbarn, a unique structure that consisted of living quarters for not only the family – but also areas for housing livestock, farm equipment and feed. (Wait til’ you hear how ‘it’ got here!)

12 – 1:00 pm

No trip to the Manning Heritage Park would be complete without a stop in the Schön Herzen Gift Shop. A variety of German-themed souvenirs and candy are available for purchase.

1 – 2:00 pm

Enjoy a catered meal at the Dining Hall or return to the coach and move uptown with reservations at a local restaurant.

2:00 pm

Optional tours of Main Street, Forgotten Corner Museum and/or step-on guide can take you on a drive-by tour of other sites noted above.


To arrange your group tour and trip itinerary please call Manning Heritage Park at 712-655-3131. e-mail

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