Kalona Historical Village

Kalona, IA

Leave behind the stress of today’s world and savor the family values, work ethic, and unpretentious lifestyle of an earlier age. At the Kalona Historical Village, your groups will stroll through a scenic 1800s village and explore pioneer life through 13 authentic buildings. Each of these structures is restored and filled with interesting and informative displays depicting the rugged years immigrant settlers spent taming the Iowa prairie. The village encompasses the eras from the earliest frontier days of the Snyder Log Home, to the Victorian influence of the lovely Wahl House.

Dubbed the “Quilt Capital of Iowa,” Kalona is home of the Quilt & Textile Museum located in the Kalona Historical Village Welcome Center. View two nationally acclaimed galleries: one for Amish textiles, and the second featuring English pieces.

Visit and learn about the local Amish settlement, which is one of the largest west of the Mississippi River. Groups can discover the great respect the Amish have for family and their elders, and the considerate way the Amish provide care for the senior generation in grandpa house.

Learn about another culture in the Iowa Mennonite Museum & Archives, where you will find many historical artifacts related to the Mennonite culture and Mennonite history. The Archives is also a rich repository of Mennonite genealogical records, past and present.

Groups can enjoy a meal served in a conservative Mennonite home, and learn more about the intriguing traditions of the Amish and Mennonite cultures, including family values, hard work, and modesty.

For more information or to customize an experience for your group, contact the Kalona Historical Village at 319-656-3232 or visit www.kalonaiowa.org/khv.htm.

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