High Plains Western Heritage Center

Founded in the 1970s by two local ranchers, the High Plains Western Heritage Center honors the old west pioneers of South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming and Nebraska with a furnished log cabin, rural schoolhouse and antique saddle and blacksmith shop.

A small animal farm lets visitors interact with animals just as the settlers did, and a herd of bison and longhorn steers roam the surrounding pastures.

Inside the center, visitors can watch education films in a spacious theatre and visit the transportation room, home to a stagecoach, chuckwagon, buggies and sleighs. Displays honor Native American lore, cowboy culture and the mining and forestry industries. The center’s bookstore and gift shop offer a piece of history to take home with western literature, handcrafted jewelry, artwork and souvenirs.

“Historical Campfire Series” and live monthly Cowboy Music & Poetry performances are offered throughout the year.

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