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Rest. Renew. Rejuvenate.

Kathleen Somers The holidays are over and everywhere you turn people are making fresh resolutions to take better care of their health. Of course there are as many different ways of doing that as there are people on a bus. Some people want to lose weight. Others vow to work out. There’s yoga and improving… Read more »

Why Shopping? Why Not?!

Shopping is the number one activity for groups when traveling. In fact, I’d wager that if your next tour didn’t include some shopping, your group might be a bit bewildered or even disappointed. From souvenir shopping at the museum gift shop to a more hands-on experience such as make-your-own pottery at a local ceramics store,… Read more »

Cultural Tourism: What’s In It For Your Group?

By Kathleen Somers What’s your surefire, guaranteed-to-not-miss strategy for a successful and sold-out group tour? I’m betting many of our readers have a “secret weapon,” a trip that works every time. I am equally sure we can all use more ideas that work that powerfully. So let’s talk about cultural tourism. Attempts to define cultural… Read more »

Just Add Water

By Kathleen Somers Those “in the know” know: “The second best day in a man’s life is the day he buys his boat. The best day is the day he sells his boat!” This old joke speaks to the universal fact that we all love time on the water. It’s even better when there is… Read more »

The Guys Have It!

Written By: Kathleen Somers Pop a car hood, dig a hole in your yard, or start construction on anything, and men will come flocking. Even if it’s just to stand around and watch, they love projects. Competitive by nature with a built-in can-do attitude, men attract to tools, sports and challenges. So it makes perfect… Read more »

Larson’s Famous Clydesdales

Ripon, Wisconsin When you hear the word “Clydesdale” you think of Budweiser, right? Well, did you know that the Midwest is home to its very own “Famous Clydesdales?” Larson’s Famous Clydesdales is one of the only places in the United States where visitors can see fourteen of these beautiful creatures, up close and personal. Owners… Read more »

Drive A Tank: A Mini-Military Adventure

Written by: Kathleen Somers One of the great satisfactions of working with groups is making people happy. Often times it’s the little things that accomplish that: value added items, games played on the bus, meeting new friends, special treatments like receptions or treats at destinations; those wonderful special touches that allow your caring ways and… Read more »

Main Street Across Nebraska

The Lincoln Highway Scenic & Historic Byway (From the Itineraries Midwest Summer 2010 Issue) Experience the Lincoln Highway Scenic & Historic Byway, one of Nebraska’s most nostalgic and fascinating routes! It’s also the only byway that spans the state from its eastern to western borders on US Highway 30. Plus, this 400-mile byway is part… Read more »

St. Joseph Arts & Culture

This sample itinerary can be customized for any time of year. Whether your group is looking to make history or relive it, St. Joseph is the place to do it. Home to 17 distinctive area museums, 12 annual festivals, and over 17 districts listed on the National Register of Historic Places, there is literally a… Read more »

City Nights & Northern Lights

A 14-Day Two-Nation Sample Itinerary From the Itineraries Midwest Spring 2009 Issue Travel to one of the most diverse and unspoiled destinations on the North American continent. The northern lights still appear in the night skies in remote areas, yet the cities offer a wealth of entertainment and shopping temptations. Great for groups of all… Read more »