Who can receive Itineraries Midwest Group Travel Magazine?

Itineraries Midwest Group Travel Magazine is designed specifically for all types of group travel planners in the United States and Canada.

What and who are group travel planners?

In the travel trade industry, a group travel planner researches and organizes tours. It can be a formal position for a tour operator or bank club, or it can be qualified group leaders representing church or school groups (including community education), retirement or alumni organizations, or social groups (like a Red Hat group or even a Senior Center). Group travel planners organize both one-day and multi-day tours for adult groups, and for student & youth groups.

How can Itineraries Midwest Magazine help me plan my tours?

Itineraries Midwest Magazine presents more than 25 new and unique sample itineraries and fun travel information in every issue – published 3 times a year. Planners can find great travel ideas and itinerary stops from not only Minnesota, but from the states surrounding Minnesota, and Canada. We know from experience that a tour will be greatly enhanced by quality stops “on the way”. This results in great tours which, as you know, are easier to sell.

What is the cost of a subscription to Itineraries Midwest Magazine?

There is no cost to subscribe to our printed magazine, it is FREE. If you would like to subscribe please click here and fill out the form.

My issue arrived in damaged condition, or it never arrived. Can I get a new one?

Absolutely, as long as we have copies available. Ask for a replacement by sending us an email, by calling us at 877-832-7267, or by writing to the address at the bottom of this page.

I’m getting two or more copies each month. How can I stop the duplication?

We appreciate our readers helping us keep our costs down when we don’t send duplicate copies. We’ll need the names and address they are being sent to. Notify us by calling 877-832-7267, contacting us via sending an email or writing to the address at the bottom of this page.

Why is Itineraries Midwest Group Travel Show different from other group travel shows?

Held every fall we use “speed touring” to help you discover new travel ideas that you wouldn’t normally discover at a regular “walk-on-by” trade show. Our show encourages conversations between interested planners and group-friendly destinations who want you to bring your group there. Meet representatives from among our many advertisers, and work with them to create itineraries – why not right at the shows?

Do you offer your magazine via the internet?

Absolutely! This is much more than those sluggish PDF downloads. This online version is exactly like the printed magazine, only with some exciting features to help you in your planning – first, you can turn the pages just like the printed issue, second, all ads are hotlinked to the advertiser websites and third, as you are digitally paging through the magazine, you may hear friendly audio presentations (often the voice of the very person you will work with) that turn on when you arrive at a particular display ad. It’s fun and a pleasant way for you to become more familiar with a group travel itinerary opportunity!